Woodland Classroom

At Whitfield CE Primary School we aim to teach our students to become excellent environmentalists who understand their impact on local and global environments. 

We work toward this everyday in our practical initiatives to produce sustainable energy and achieve a net zero carbon footprint for our school: We have both solar panels and our own wind turbine that power our classrooms!

We are delighted that our Woodland Classroom is now available as a resource and learning environment for our school and the wider community. Its construction provides students with access to nature and research has shown that outdoor learning improves educational outcomes.

Pupils will experience being present in nature as part of their everyday school lives, as this beautiful classroom means that pupils will get outside, whatever the weather! The Woodland Classroom will bring a new vitality to the delivery of our school curriculum and give new experiential learning opportunities to all. 

The Woodland Classroom was constructed by local craftsman Jonah Maurice with locally sourced timber and was opened with a community ceremony in the summer of 2023. The project to build the classroom has been a labour of love for all involved, and pupils have been involved at every stage. 

With thanks:

The drive to build the Woodland Classroom was supported by donations from various groups, including:

  • The Friends of Whitfield School
  • The Annual Whitfield Charity Clay Shoot
  • Knarsdale Estate Ltd
  • The estate of the late Diana Blackett-Ord. 

 Whitfield CE Primary School are grateful for all contributions received that supported the Woodland Classroom project to completion.