Our Vision and Values

Our school is part of the ‘Good Shepherd Multi-Academy Trust’ and our core Christian values are at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to provide children of all faiths, and none, with excellent educational provision with a caring and supportive Christian ethos. We have at the centre of our mission and purpose the belief that every child has a God given right to educational excellence through the provision of high quality schooling.

We believe:

  • Everyone has something to offer.
  • We are on a shared journey, being there for each other and not feeling isolated.
  • We are here for the whole person, spiritually, morally and socially.
  • A school should work with transparency.

Our Golden Rules

  1. We are kind and gentle.
  2. We always listen.
  3. We share and take turns.
  4. We are honest.
  5. We are helpful.
  6. We follow instructions.
  7. We work hard and do our best.
  8. We are polite and thoughtful.

Our School Prayer

Almighty God
This is our School.
Let peace live here.
Let the rooms be full of happiness.
Let love live here:
Love of learning, love of one another,
Love of life and love of God.
Teach us more of your ways,
So that we can grow in kindness,
tolerance and understanding.
And give us thankful hearts,
Today and every day.